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Messages from both our outgoing and new Presidents:
Can I say a very big thank you to all the members of the Society for making my time as President very memorable and enjoyable over my two years wearing the chain of office.
I have tried to attend as many of the events as possible during my term. The time seems to have flown past at breakneck speed. I can say that I have almost learnt my right from my left at the dancing and thank all those who had to put up with me turning the wrong way.
It is sad that Covid stopped the activities but unfortunately that is bigger than all of us and I look forward to getting back together with you. I do hope all are keeping safe and well.
I want specially to thank your hard-working committee for their support throughout the period. Their knowledge and guidance made my tenure as president one of my most my memorable periods and I hope to continue to attend events with the Society.
I  wish Cath Hockley all the best for her term as President and am sorry I did not get the chance to pass on the “Chain” of office.
Please everyone keep very well and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Hugh Johnstone
Dear members of the Scots’ Society,
Well, what a fraud your new president is turning out to be! No dancing, no socials, no meetings to preside over, no activities to help set up, cook for or even organise. Hopefully a vaccination will be available sooner, rather than later, and we can all get together again. We are going to try to put together a programme for the next calendar year and hope that some of the activities are able to go ahead. In the meantime look after yourselves and try to think positive!
Wishing you all the very best,              
Cath Hockley

We meet most Wednesdays at Trinity URC Hall, Slough from September to May at 8pm. Events include Scottish country dance classes, ceilidhs, socials and talks.

Our St. Andrew's dinner and dance and Burns' Supper are not to be missed!

Membership includes a regular newsletter and costs £7.50 for the year.
Dance classes cost £3 per session for members and £4.00 for non-members. Other functions are individually priced.

Details of recent functions can be found here,
whilst an archive of newsletters dating back to February 2015 are on the Newsletter page and colourful recent photos can be found by clicking the image below:  

Please take time to look around this website by using the buttons at the top.

If you have any questions about the Society or would like to join, send an email to:

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Introduction to Scottish Country Dancing
Our grateful thanks to Helen Belé of
South Simcoe Scottish Country Dancing Group
for permission to use this clip from her video.
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